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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Long Will It Take?
All claims vary, but assuming no hiccups you could receive your refund in as little as 6 weeks!
Could I Be Due A Tax Rebate?
You could be. A tax refund or tax rebate is “ the difference between taxes paid and taxes owed” take our short questionnaire to see if you’re eligible.
I Don’t Have Any of My P60’s – What Now?
Don’t worry – if you don’t have any of your P60’s then we can use your last pay slip or income statement.
I Receive Get You Home Travel (GYH) And/Or Home To Duty Travel (HDT) Expenses. Can I Still Claim?
More than likely – yes. The amounts that you receive don’t usually cover everything that you are eligible for. It is vital to know that we subtract HDT and GYH allowances from any claim that we make.
I Live In Married Quarters, Can I Claim?
If you reside in married quarters and spend your leave periods there then it would usually be classified as your main residence. In this case, the claim would be for any expenditure for your travel between your temporary posting and married quarters of up to 2 years.
If you currently receive a Home to Duty (HDT) allowance for this already – we can review the amounts against the eligible limits and claim for any shortfall.
Can I Claim If I Have Been At My Base For More Than 24 Months?
Under HMRC legislation, a posting that is over 24 months is thereby deemed as permanent which means the temporary workplace rules don’t apply. However, we are able to review every individual case in isolation as we need to understand your expectation at the beginning of your posting.
Is There Anything More I Can Claim If I Work CIS?
If you’re self-employed and paid through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) then you are more than likely due a tax refund.
You are also able to claim back a range of job-relating expenses such as travel, meals, lodging, parking, phone bills, stationery, tools and more.
Does A CIS Tax Refund Include My Self-Assessment Tax Return?
It does indeed. All self-employed people, including CIS workers, have to complete a tax return every year. The tax year concludes on 5th April and you have got until 31st January the following to send your tax return to HMRC.
I’m Bad with Paperwork, Does That Rule Me Out?
Nope. That is what we are here for.
To make your tax refund claim we need to know where you worked, how you travelled there and how much it cost you. From that, we can do the rest.